Below are some of the frequently asked questions but if there is anything you need to know that has not been answered, please contact us.

Do We Have To Pay Our Own Phone bills?
Yes. However nowadays there are so many low cost, fixed price, unlimited calling packages that call costs are minimal and more than sufficient commission will be paid to take into account calling costs.

Do You Offer A Basic Plus Commission?
For telesales people who have proven their ability by consistently selling for a one month period a basic and lower commission may be offered, However to begin with all Telesales people are paid by commission on sales acheived.

Is This A Short Or Long Term Position

Most definitely long term. Our clients always have products and services that are perfectly suited to being sold over the phone and therefore we are always seeking great telesales people.

What if I do the work by making sales and then don’t get paid the commission I’m owed?
We only work with a select few clients ¬†who are very reliable in paying staff on time and besides, if sales are being made it would be crazy for any company to stop that by not paying it’s valuable sales team.

Will I Be Classed As An Employee?

No. You will be your own boss and invoice the companies for your services. You can operate on a self employed basis or a limited company, it’s up to you.

How Much Can I Earn A Month?
That depends opn how many hours you can work and how talented you are. However, we are very confident you can earn an excellent living by working for our clients and we understand your success is our success.

Will I Need a Landline?
You can use a landline or a VOIP service such as Skype to make calls. Mobiles are not suitable as the call quality can be inadequate.

Do I Really Need To Be Connected To The Internet?
Yes. All our clients products are Internet related and you must therefore be able to access the Websites in order to demonstrate them to potential customers.

Can I Apply If English Is Not My First Language?
Excellent spoken English is a necessity though it does not have to be your first language.You will also need good written English as you will need to follow up calls with emails from time to time.

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